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Artvigil Review: What To Expect When Trying Generic Armodafinil

artvigil review

Everything exists for a reason. Cars exist so we can drive. Schools exist so we can learn. Houses exist so we don’t grow cold. And just like everything else in this world, supplements exist for a reason. And for most of us, that reason has to do with a goal. We want to be fit, […]

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Modafinil: Can It Make You Limitless Like NZT-48?

limitless NZT 48

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that you can take to take you from a highly disorganized and inattentive person into an intelligent and clever one. The 2011 movie Limitless would have you believe this was possible with a drug called NZT-48. In this movie, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro, the main character does, […]

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Waklert Review: Is it Legit?

We can ask for a lot. Honestly, we can seek out an all-powerful miracle drug that says it’s magic, when in reality it’s nothing short of a scam. We are wishful and gullible at times. But really, why is it bad to want a powerful stimulant without the terrible side effects? I don’t think it’s […]

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Modalert 200 Review: All the Benefits without a Huge Price

modalert 200

Nootropics are all the rage right now. There are a lot of benefits that can be seen from a lot of them. When you can get a lot of benefits, safely, and at a relatively low price, wouldn’t you at least want to try? Modalert is a nootropic that has been around for a long […]

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Alpha Brain or Brain Stack: Which is Better?

alpha brain vs brain stack

We’ve seen numerous nootropic stacks hitting the internet lately. A lot of “I’m the best on the market” nonsense will fill their websites, when in reality their pills are pre-made and hardly impressive. In actuality, those nootropic stacks could be so much more. A lot of them are missing important, key ingredients. These ingredients will […]

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Modvigil Review: Is it Better Than Modalert 200?


We’ve all heard about modafinil. Maybe we’ve even heard about armodafinil. And of course, we’ve heard about Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil. But how much do we know, really? Do we know that Modvigil is second only to Modalert? Do we know that Modvigil is the perfect modafinil brand to try if you’re just starting […]

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Modafinil vs Armodafinil: Which is Better For You?

armodafinil vs modafinil

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Modafinil and Armodafinil are non-amphetamine drugs that help you control your sleeping routines, your energy, as well as things like weight loss, multiple sclerosis, and narcolepsy. In the beginning, Modafinil was used to treat narcolepsy alone. It helped users with the disease stay awake longer. However, in recent […]

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