Alpha Brain or Brain Stack: Which is Better?

alpha brain vs brain stack

We’ve seen numerous nootropic stacks hitting the internet lately. A lot of “I’m the best on the market” nonsense will fill their websites, when in reality their pills are pre-made and hardly impressive.

In actuality, those nootropic stacks could be so much more. A lot of them are missing important, key ingredients. These ingredients will help the overall effect that the nootropic has on its consumers.

In the end it’ll be easy to tell the difference between what’s good and what’s lacking.

This is what sparked my research to find an option that offers the maximum amount of useful ingredients with a lasting effect.

While first and foremost, armodafinil and modafinil are my go-to choices, I knew there was another part of the internet I hadn’t given much time to.

The ready-prepared nootropic stacks I found were all of that and more, but the real debate came down to which one was better and why: Alpha Brain or Brain Stack?


The Ingredients


So here’s the part you’re probably very curious about – what are the ingredients in these nootropic stacks that make them stand out from other options?

Alpha Brain contains:

  • 100 mg of Alpha GPC
  • 200 mcg of Huperzin A
  • 10 mg of Vitamin B6

Brain Stack contains:

  • 175 mg of Alpha GPC
  • 150 mcg of Huperzin A
  • 15 mg of Vitamin B6
  • 100 mcg of Vitamin B12
  • 300 mg of ALCAR


While these are not the only ingredients used in Alpha Brain and Brain Stack, they are definitely the most useful ingredients. If you compare the two nootropic stacks, you’ll find that each option excels in different areas.

Now what’s the use behind the ingredients? Why are they so useful?

  1. Alpha GPC is one of the best sources of choline (a precursor of acetylcholine)
  2. Huperzin A is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (slows the destruction of acetylcholine)
  3. Vitamin B6 and B12 are co-factors in the acetylcholine synthesis (their deficiency brings cognitive decline)
  4. ALCAR increases the production of acetylcholine

Due to Brain Stack’s having more choline and cofactors and a whopping dose of ALCAR, it’s safe to say it wins this factor of comparison.


Mood Improvement

Another important factor when it comes to these nootropic stacks has to do with their mood enhancement effects. The particular stacks aim to increase other neurotransmitters as well.

An example is Dopamine. You might already know that Dopamine cannot be directly supplemented – instead a precursor is used – and both Alpha Brain and Brain Stack’s ingredients are not lacking in this department.

  • Alpha Brain contains 300 mg of L-Tyrosine (a precursor)
  • Brain Stack contains 200 mg of Mucuna Pruriens (a source of L-Dopa, another precursor)

These ingredients work best at combating depression and anxiety, which is an extremely important factor for a lot of people.

The only setback in this department is Brain Stack containing 200 mg of GABA; a useless addition addition due to GABA not being able to reach the brain. Technically, it’s supposed to be supplied indirectly.

It’s because of this that Brain Stack just barely lacks compared to Alpha Brain, giving the latter the clear win in this factor.

On the other hand, there is quite a bit more that goes into the enhancement of your mood…



We all know how caffeine can benefit our moods, especially if we’re feeling fatigue. I try to steer clear of caffeine as much as possible when it comes to sugary drinks, but I can’t stop myself from having a Pepsi or cup of creamed coffee every now and then.

Brain Stack contains 60 mg of caffeine (about one cup of coffee), while Alpha Brain doesn’t contain any caffeine.

Really, there are pros and cons to this.

Brain Stack gives you a bit of an edge; adding energy to your veins in a way that Alpha Brain cannot. But then, you also have to consider the inability to take Brain Stack in the evening due to its added caffeine.

Whereas Alpha Brain can be taken in the evening and used as a sleep optimizer as well. And if you think about it, if you need caffeine, you can easily have a cup of coffee.

It’s much more convenient to choose between caffeine or no caffeine, which is why Alpha Brain takes the win for this factor too.


Pterostilbene is an anti-oxidant used in both Alpha Brain and Brain Stack, and is mostly known as being a powerful relation to resveratrol.

The effect of this anti-oxidant is to slow the aging of our brains; protecting the neurons from damage. How do these help your mood? By protecting our brain, we’re protecting our body, and generally living a healthier life.

Being healthy is an extremely great mood improvement.

While both Alpha Brain and Brain Stack contain pterostilbene, Brain stack has a much higher does:

  • Alpha Brain has 75 mcg
  • Brain Stack has 50 mg

Due to this comparison, Brain stack takes the lead in this factor.


This ingredient is a powerful learning agent, known to drastically decrease the amount of time it takes to learn something new.

Bacopa works on:

  • Stress relief
  • Focus

And both nootropic stacks contain the ingredient with:

  • Alpha Brain @ 100 mg and
  • Brain Stack @ 200 mg

Once again, it’s safe to say that Brain Stack is taking the lead.

Hericium Erinaceus or Lion’s Mane

One of Brain Stack’s shining factors is having a decent dosage (300 mg) of Lion’s Mane in its stack. Alpha Brain is lacking in this department, having none at all.

Lion’s Mane stimulates the production of neurotrophins NGF and BDNF, which has been proven to reverse brain damage in cognitive impaired consumers.

AC11 or Cat’s Claw

Much like Brain Stack with the Lion’s Mane, Alpha Brain’s key ingredient is Cat’s Claw. Alpha brain has 350 mg of this ingredient, while Brain Stack has none.

This ingredient is a immune system booster, and some claims say it can even repair DNA (though not much research has been done on that claim).

Regardless, this powerful anti-oxidant is a key ingredient in Alpha Brain giving it an ultimate edge over Brain Stack.

The Final Debate

So here’s the final debate… which one is better? Well, let’s start with the facts:

  • Brain Stack reaps in cholinergic activity
  • Alpha Brain is a more powerful mood enhancer
  • Both have immune system benefits
  • Both have Bacopa, though Brain Stack has twice as much

This research has given us a well thought-out answer: both are beneficial in different areas. If you’re looking for cognitive enhancement and stimulation purpose, then Brain Stack is the more powerful option and the right one for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more of a mood enhancement nootropic stack, then Alpha Brain is definitely the choice you want to make.


Either way, both options are impressive with ingredients to rival the other options (that aren’t nearly as good).