Can Modafinil “Cure” Depression?


Now the current uses for Modafinil revolve around a few areas, the standard prescription use of Modaifnil for conditions like ADHD, Sleep Apnea or Narcolepsy, but also the Off Label use for Modafinil as a Cognitive Enhancer aka “Smart Drug”. When taken, Modafinil primarily improves focus and attentiveness but can also be used to clear brain fog, boost energy and even improve your mood.

Modafinil For Depression

As Modaifnil rapidly increases in popularity, people have begun to explore its application in non traditional areas. One of those areas of course being Modafinil’s potential affects on combating depression.

When doing my research on this topic I came across a forum where a user had begged the question “Can Modafinil Cure Depression”. I spent time reading through various replies from users sharing their own personal experiences in using Modafinil to cure depression and the general consensus was that it definitely helped. With one user going as far to say “As a person with depression, Modafinil has been an absolute god-send”. The user went on to say that by taking Modafinil he has been able to completely get off the dreaded anti depressant Medication he had previously been prescribed and finished by saying “Modafinil is the only drug that has done me any good at all.


To conclude we would say its definitely worth giving it a try and could even be a great substitute for the various other prescription Medication traditionally prescribed for Depression.