Minimizing Modafinil Irritability (Strategies You MUST Know)

Modafinil Irritability

We’re going to be disusing Modafinil irritability, overall what causes it, why you may be experiencing this and how to go about fixing and preventing this inconveniencing side effect of Modafinil. Now not all Modafinil users will be familiar with this irritability side effect as, like most side effects from this smart drug, not all users will be experiencing it. The irritability we’re talking about is that easy annoyance you may feel towards the end of your day on Modafinil when you start to notice yourself having a short temper and getting quite easily annoyed by simple things that may otherwise have not been a problem. Not to worry though, this minor side effect of the Smart Drug aka Cognitive enhancer Modafinil is completely natural.

Why Does This Happen

To actually explain the science behind this, throughout the day Modafinil uses up a huge supply of your bodys natural serotonin levels, serotonin being the chemical that influences the emotion of happiness in your brain. When your super focused, getting on with whatever the task at hand may be, you wont even notice any immediate change in mood and will no doubt complete your Modafinil work day with ease. Its only after this workload has been finished that your serotonin levels will have been depleted. So of course when your serotonin levels are lower you could be at risk of being a little snappy and irritable and this is simply because your serotonin levels have been lowered throughout your productive day on Modafinil.

How To Cure Modafinil Irritability

When looking for a cure for Modafinil irritability I did extensive research and after browsing through loads of information and customer testimonials on the topic I found that the vast majority of people experiencing this problem where recommending the booster 5-HTP. Now 5-HTP is not a stimulant of any kind or anything like that, it is simply a mental booster containing, yes you guessed it, serotonin. Its a harmless and cheap pill that you might otherwise take if perhaps you woke up on the wrong side of the bed one morning and needed something just to level you out for the day ahead. You take the pill and it essentially balances you out to make you feel more normal, happy and grounded so its far more like a stabiliser than a stimulant. 5-HTP is definitely a great way to get around this otherwise annoying side effect of irritability. We would suggest towards the end of the day, if you do begin to start feeling a little annoyed and irritable, to take a 5-HTP pill and see if that helps you to balance out and feel a bit more back to normal. Overall we definitely think it will.

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