Modafinil and Coffee: Do They Mix?

So like most people, my morning cup of Coffee is crucial to my work day. I wake up, drink my coffee and begin my day but I’m also a frequent user of Modafinil. So it begs the question… Is mixing Modafinil & Coffee a good idea?

But to answer that question we first have to break down the the two individually.


Caffeine gives you that extra edge and energy boost in the morning that so many of us need. It helps us get adjusted to the new work day and also has many benefits such as Lowering the risk of liver cancer and is also considered good for the heart. However it also has many downsides such as Mood swings, increases in anxiety and the of course… the dreaded Coffee Breath.


Modafinil arguably one of the biggest and most popular “Smart Drugs” Aka “Cognitive Enhancers” on the market and available through both prescription and off label uses. Modafinil drastically improves your focus, motivation and overall creates a tunnel vision effect on whatever the task at hand my be – Making Modafinil really popular amongst Students and Business People with high stress environments such as busy offices with lots going on.

Do They Mix?

Ultimately, timing is the key to this question. If you are to wake up, Pop your Modaifnil and then shorty after drink your coffee… this will most likely be overkill for you.

The key is to put some time between taking the modafinil and drinking your morning cup of coffee. I find taking the Modafinil when you wake up, then waiting till the late morning/early afternoon to drink your coffee is the best way to do it. By spacing it out like this you allow the Modafinil to fully take effect in your system and then a few hours later when you’re feeling drained, drink your Coffee and you should be right back to it.