How Does Modafinil Affect Your Creativity?


We are going to be discussing Modafinils overall affect on creativity. Now Modafinils is primarily defined as a “Cognitive Enhancer” or “Smart Drug” with its main purpose being to improve wakefulness and alertness leading to the user being more focused and concentrated on whatever the task at hand may be. When working on Modafinil users have a tendency to get sucked into their work and an almost Tunnel Vision like effect is created. Now I’m sure you can imagine how interesting this would be if Modafinil would work the same for a creative type. With this new found energy and focus, they could literally get lost in their work creating for hour, with new thoughts and ideas emerging each second. Unfortunately, this isn’t really the case.

Modafinils Affect on Creativity

As Modafinil is a wakefulness agent, it primarily keeps you awake and gives you energy which then converts into the user being productive. However the general consensus when doing my research on this topic was that Modafinil is great for ‘Black&White’ tasks if you will, such as reading, writing, studying and so on… But when it comes to the creative process there is not often a clear idea in the users head on what they are trying to accomplish and in fact requires a lot of Out The Box thinking and Running Thoughts to achieve the abstract idea they are attempting to create. The vast majority of users who reported back their personal experiences on Modafinils affects on creativity claimed that all though Modafinil is great for other more obvious and simple tasks such as previous mentioned, its applications on Creativity are not very effective at all. This is a quote from a user that I thought summed up this topic quite well – “Creativity thrives when thoughts are all over the place. Modafinil brings the mind into sharp focus. In my opinion, creativity comes back immediately as Modafinil wears off.”


Overall my conclusion would be that Modafinils affects on creativity (although they may vary) have an opposite effect to Modafinils other applications and uses in more obvious areas that require less abstract and out the box thinking. When getting creative, keep a clear mind, let your imagining run wild and keep Modafinil for the simpler and more practical tasks.

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