Modafinil vs Ritalin: An Honest Comparison

Ritalin is one of the most common and popular smart drugs on the Market but over the past decade, Modafinil has exploded in popularity pushing it to the forefront of the Smart Drug community to compete with both Ritalin and Adderall, arguably the two most common Smart Drugs previously.

Modafinil has gained its popularity and trust amongst its loyal users for a vast variety of different reasons like its minimal side effects and no addictive qualities.


Ritalin is definitely the more well-known of the two Smart Drugs. It is commonly prescribed for hyperactive mental disorders such as ADHD and is also used to treat a various sleep conditions such as Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea as a wakefulness agent and comes in at around $80 for a 30 Pill Supply.

Unfortunately however, what really lets Ritalin down, and what is also one of the main reasons Modafinil has been able to really shine to light over the past decade, is the fact that Ritalin contains addictive tendency’s that Modafinil has never been proven to have.

This puts consistent users of the Smart Drug Ritalin at risk of developing a long term addiction to the drug. Once an addiction such as this has taken place it can be very trying to the user and even painful to go through as of course there will be certain withdrawals when deciding to stop taking the drug.

So yes, Ritalin might in the short term cure any Sleep or Hyperactive conditions you may have, but in the long term you run the risk of developing a dependency to the drug and it may even be a struggle to get yourself off of it.


You’re probably seeing how Modafinil has swept up the ranks so easily on the Smart Drug market, and really by just being the only Smart Drug not riddled with side effects and addiction. Of course, Modafinil is not exempt from side effects, but a funny stomach and loss of appetite are pretty much the worst you’re in for, and absolutely no proven track record for addiction.

Modafinil is even prescribed to treat the same Hyperactive and Sleep conditions that Ritalin is used for, but without any of the unwanted problems. Both of these drugs are available for purchase from your local pharmacy, but will need a prescription from a doctor to obtain.

However Modafinil has a thriving online community of distributors, manufacturers and merchants all selling a variety of different Modafinil products.

Modafinil vs Ritalin Conclusion

In conclusion, Ritalin just simply is not worth it when you compare it to its top competitor, Modafinil. With all of the positive traits Ritalin contains but without any of the addictive traits and side effects, Modafinil easily comes out on top. The only conflict however is definitely the over the counter price for the two Smart Drugs. Ritalin comes in at $80 for 30 pills whereas Modafinil can go anywhere up to even $1000 for an official prescription. Fortunately enough,Modafinils online community is an affordable and easily accessed place to secure your Modafinil ‘Off-Label’ prescription today.

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