ModaPharma Review – Read This Before Ordering Modafinil Online

ModaPharma review

ModaPharma is a lesser known modafinil seller compared to some of the other good options we’ve reviewed on this website. Nonetheless, they offer a good service and I see a lot of potential for them to grow their business now that Modafinil Cat closed down. Read the rest of my ModaPharma review to learn more about this site.


Why I Am Writing This ModaPharma Review

Let me be honest with you right from the start: I haven’t ordered from them yet. Normally, I wouldn’t write a review until after I’ve tried them.

Having said that, my next order will be going through them. I’m in a unique situation because I want to test as many different sellers as possible so that I can tell you about my experiences.

The truth is, all the major sellers provide the same 4 products:

  • Modalert
  • Modvigil
  • Artvigil
  • Waklert

The first two are generic modafinil pills made by Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma respectively. Those are the two respected Indian producers that all the big modafinil sites use.

Artvigil and Waklert are armodafinil pills which is similar to modafinil, but has slightly different effects. I recommend you start with modafinil and if you like it, give armodafinil a try later.

Whether you order from DuckDose, Afinil Express, ModUp or ModaPharma, you’ll receive identical products.

The products sold are the same, but the prices and service vary. Read this post for a comparison of the best online modafinil sellers.

The 4 companies I mentioned above are all good choices. There are also some shady modafinil sellers that I won’t name here. It’s best to avoid any company that you don’t trust 100%.

ModaPharma benefits

Benefits of ModaPharma

I trust ModaPharma for a couple of reasons. I’ll cover them below because they are a large part of the reason why I plan to order from them in the future.

Honest Marketing Claims

This was the first thing that struck me about their website. ModaPharma don’t over-hype modafinil into a life-changing miracle drug.

Modafinil is cool. I love modafinil and want more people to discover the benefits. That’s why I write this website and tell friends who I think would benefit about modafinil.

Unfortunately, some companies aren’t completely honest in their claims. They’ll exaggerate the benefits and won’t mention the drawbacks of modafinil as a smart drug.

I don’t particularly like comparisons to the Hollywood versions of modafinil. Films like Limitless are entertaining, but they don’t show the reality of using modafinil to improve your productivity.

The truth is, modafinil works. However, the effects are somewhat subtle. You’ll be more focused, alert and concentrated, but you won’t turn into a super-human working machine.

That’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth.

We’d all like to be 100 times more productive, but for now, we’ll have to settle on boosting our focus 5X.

That’s a realistic expectation to have for modafinil. For people who react well to it, modafinil can drastically increase their focus.

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24/7 Customer Support

You’ll get fast responses around the clock from their dedicated customer support team.

Any questions you have before, after or during your purchasing process, just send them an email and they’ll get back to you soon.

Their support is helpful, fast and reliable. What more can you ask for? is easy to use.

Some modafnil sites still look like they were built in 2006. Most people have never built a website before so let me tell you a little secret…

It’s not hard anymore!

Literally anyone could start a website and make it look respectable. You don’t even need to know how to code these days. There are tools that make website building very easy.

Nonetheless, so many modafinil sellers mess this step up. They create horrible websites and wonder why nobody trusts them.

Well, no shit! If you can’t design a decent website, how can I trust you with my modafinil order?

Perhaps you’ve never thought about it in quite those words, but it’s a legitimate concern. There are a few challenging aspects of building an online store. These revolve around your security and making sure your credit card details don’t get hacked.

Those crucial jobs are significantly harder than creating a nice website. I would be worried about the security of my personal information if I ordered from an ugly-looking modafinil store.

modafinil reviews

Your personal information is secure.

ModaPharma does everything necessary to secure your personal information.

I don’t want to get too technical in my explanations here. Simply understand that they’ve taken all the right measures to guarantee your payment information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Their SSL certificate is up-to-date and active for example.

Delivery of your modafinil order is guaranteed.

ModaPharma offers a SureDelivery guarantee. This means you don’t need to worry about your package getting lost on the way.

You can rest assured that you’ll receive your order in a timely manner. The peace of mind this gives you is wonderful and makes ModaPharma a great company by itself.

3rd Party Modafinil Analysis

ModaPharma is the only store I’ve come across that promotes their lab analyses.

They spent money to make sure the armodafinil and modafinil pills contain exactly what is on the label.

Why do they accept this cost? Because ModaPharma cares about you.

Nobody wants to take fake modafinil pills because that could potentially be dangerous. ModaPharma takes extra measures to keep you safe.

When you purchase from ModaPharma, you know exactly what you’ll get.

You can trust them. You’re in good hands for all your modafinil needs.

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Final Thoughts on my ModaPharma Review

From my extensive research I can see that ModaPharma is a reputable modafinil seller.

I predict they’ll grow a lot in the coming months and years especially now that Modafinil Cat closed down.

ModaPharma has a lot going for them. Their excellent website, generous reshipment policy and good product selection, make them an excellent choice for anyone interested in buying modafinil online.

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