Taking Modafinil and Drinking Alcohol: Is it Safe + My Experience

My Experience

So a few days ago I had a pretty heavy work load to get done so I decided to take a Modalert 200mg Modafinil from ModUp.net. I took the pill at around 10/11am and then worked throughout the day. At around 5/6pm I got a call from some friends inviting me to come out and have a drink. I could still feel the Modafinil in my system and was unsure on the idea of drinking as well… so I took to Google and started searching to set my mind at ease.

I was greeted with a few different forums discussing the topic and sharing their personal experiences and opinions. The general consensus seem to be that Modafinil was not really a risk when mixed with Alcohol as long as the amount of Modafinil you took and that amount Alcohol you drank was a responsible dosage. A few people did mention their hangover the next day were not pleasant, but the majority of people seem to say it was fine, so I went out and had drinks with my friends. I woke up and felt absolutely fine and continued my week as usual.


Through not only my research but my own personal experience as well, I have concluded that Taking Modafinil and Drinking Alcohol does not pose a high threat or danger to you, when kept within reason and when used responsibly.