Top 5 Reported Side-Effects of Modafinil

Today we’re going to be tackling the topic of the Top 5 Most Reported Side-Effects from Modafinil, good or bad. If you’re one of the many Modafinil sceptics out there this article is perfect for you and I believe it will definitely help to keep your mind at ease and give you a little more information regarding what to expect when getting involved with the Cognitive Enhancer aka Smart Drug Modafinil.

Reduced Drowsiness

So first up on the list is that Modafinil significantly reduces drowsiness. Now I dont think this particular Side-Effect is going to take anyone by surprise as of course Modafinils chief aim and characteristics is to be a Wake fullness agent used in the modern medicine world for combating such sleep disorders as Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea. Modafinil will definitely be boosting your wakefulness and reducing drowsiness.


So again another pretty straight forward one following on from the last is yes of course, productivity. This productivity is a pretty much direct result of the wakefulness and reduction in drowsiness resulting in a euphoric sense of productivity as the mind is at a heightened sense of activity. Of course this then in turn will result in a mass amount of work being completely as long as the user is directing this new found energy and wakefulness into their daily routine/work/projects.

Loosing Track of Time

Modafinil has a tendency once the user has really focused in, to create somewhat of a ‘Tunnel Vision Effect’ meaning that the user is unaware and un-tuned into whats going on outside of their work and are seamlessly able to crack on with the task at hand for hours upon end then realising after a vast period of time that they have not only completed loads but a significant period of time has passed them by. This ‘Tunnel Vision Effect’ causes users to definitely loose track of time but if you’re getting loads done it could well be for the good.

Loss of Apetite

This is almost certainly one of the most apparent ‘Side Effects’ experienced across Modafinil users. Modafinil has a tendency to completely remove your appetite and if the user has not taken the dosage at a sensible time this particular ‘Side Effect’ could even begin to interfere with regular eating times. To avoid messing up your eating routines we would suggest taking your Modafinil early on in the first half of the day so that by the evening the effects are starting to wear off just in time for dinner.

Enhanced Sensory Perception

On top of many other things, Modafinil drastically boosts your alertness and this translates into certain aspects of your person feeling elevated. For example, people have reported back after using Modafinil that they hear far better when using the Smart Drug, or that colours seem brighter and clearer when experience the effects of Modafinil. This is because Modafinil has a tendency to heavily boost your attention to detail not only for just work based stuff but really anything you experience when under the influence of Modafinil. This is know as enhanced sensory perception.

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