The Untold History of Modafinil


We are going to be exploring the topic ‘History of Modafinil’ and looking at where the powerful Cognitive Enhancer aka Smart Drug originated and how it has, in such a short time, been able to rapidly climb top the top of the smart drug market and compete with top Smart Drug brands such as Adderall and Ritalin. Now Modafinil can be supplied via a few different methods, your standard over the counter prescription which officially hit the market in 1998. You can obtain a prescription by simply visiting the doctor, however you will of course have to prove you have a condition such as Narcolepsy or ADHD that would constitute getting prescribed this Smart Drug. However, Modafinil is unique in the fact that unlike any other smart drug Modafinil has a massive online marketplace and community of brands, manufacturers, distributors and vendors for you to satisfy any of your Smart Drug needs.


Believe it or not but Modafinil has actually been around for over 50 years and in this time Modafinil has build quite a name for itself earning the reputation and title of the ‘Worlds Safest Smart Drug’ giving you the biggest bang for your buck. Over the past decade especially, Modafinil has rapidly grown in popularity pushing it to the forefront of the Smart Drug community. Modafinil has excelled in a vast variety of different areas both traditional and nontraditional. Two key areas though, that definitely stand out are in the business workplace and amongst students. In these two areas alone, Modafinil has skyrocketed in popularity. Modafinil is perfect for both Business people with high stress work environments and a heap load of different tasks to complete daily, and of course for students revising and cramming for exams with countless study books to work through and analyse. The is a huge list of Modafinil users, using the Smart Drug weekly with some users even claiming to use Modafinil daily and have not begun to experience any long term side effects of any sort.


In 2008 there was a survey conducted by a popular journal know as ‘Nature’ and they pretty much decided to put together a survey to see how many of their audience/readers where active Modafinil users. It was found that 1/5 of their audience were either using or had previously been using Modafinil. To take it a step further a few years later Harvard University actually released a statement to their pupils encouraging them to use the Smart Drug Modafinil to boost their exam results and study experience. Its very interesting that you see these big establishments seemingly vouching for Modafinil, when promoting a drug to pupils is definitely a non traditional approach. This really shows how much of a good reputation Modafinil has built for itself if even an internationally esteemed organisation is publicly vouching for its use. Now that Modafinil has come to the forefront of the smart drug market and is know for being so safe, its slowly and surely converting all the users who were previously looking to Adderall or Ritalin for their Smart Drug supply. This is purely for the reason that both Adderall and Ritalin come with a load of side effects and addictive tendency the user definitely isn’t signing up for by taking this medication and Modaifnil has rightfully earned its place as the Worlds Safest Smart Drug.