How Does Modafinil Affect Your Gym Performance?


As Modafinil has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years, people have only naturally begun experimenting with its various non traditional applications. One of those of course being Fitness and Working out in the gym whilst using Modafinil. The idea goes something like this. If Modafinil boosts your focus and energy levels for your regular day to day work such as reading, writing and other general tasks, then surely it also boosts your physical workrate aswell and could lead to an improved and even more efficient work out routine. Short answer, YES.

Does Modafinil Improve Workout?

Through not only my research but also my own personal experience, the vast majority of users who took Modafinil while using the Gym reported back positive results with many going as far as to say Modafinil drastically improved their workouts and gave them that extra edge to keep going. Personally when using Modafinil to work out I definitely felt like I had an added energy and voice pushing me to do more.

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