Modafinil Cat Review: Trusted Modafinil Vendor (Now Closed)

modafinil cat review
UPDATE: Unfortunately, ModafinilCat is now out of business and their service is no longer available. However, there are two excellent alternative options that provide great products with excellent shipping and payment options – Afinil Express and DuckDose. Both provide reliable, quality service and products.

Modafinil Cat is one of the main shops online where you can purchase Modafinil/Provigil. This Modafinil Cat review highlights the experience of ordering from the company as well as discussing generic Modafinil.

Nootropics, or “smart drugs,” like Modafinil or Provigil are stimulants that increase your energy, concentation and intellectual acuity. These substances can enhance your efficiency and productivity while enhancing your mood.

The movie Limitless features a fictional pill, NZT-48, that has often been compared to the real-life experience of taking Modafinil. Some even refer to it as “the Limitless drug,” or “real-life NZT-48.”

Modafinil isn’t a miracle drug, and it doesn’t work like NZT-48. However, it is an incredibly effective nootropic, and the best one that I’ve ever tried. Other nootropic drugs like Pramiracetam or Piracetam don’t compare to the results that you can achieve with Modafinil.

Introduction to Modafinil Cat

This Modafinil Cat review is an overview of the online shop. It markets generic Armodafinil or Nuvigil and generic Modafinil or Provigil. More information is available below about these compounds and how they can work for you.

Safety of ModafinilCat

ModafinilCat is a fully safe and effective online webshop for the purchase of Modafinil. It’s not a suspicious so-called “online pharmacy” with fake or dubious medications, and they won’t spam your inbox after you buy from them.

The site is powered by a legitimate company selling legitimate product, indistinguishable from the brand-name version of Modafinil. We are a ModafinilCat affiliate, so when you buy from the site, you help to support our continued existence and production.

My Order Experience

My ordering experience with ModafinilCat was simple and the product took only five days to arrive. I had no difficulties with receiving the product, and it was shipped efficiently. I received ongoing updates via email when the package moved and fast notification that the item had been delivered.

Advantages of using ModafinilCat

There are some benefits to placing your Modafinil order with ModafinilCat.

The site provides responsive, friendly customer service as well as free shipping and reliable package tracking.

It offers full refunds if your package is lost or stuck in customs.

You also have a choice of payment options, including Visa, MasterCard or Bitcoin. You’ll save 20 percent when using Bitcoin and can receive a 10 percent discount for being a repeat customer.

Types of Modafinil / Armodafinil

There are four major kinds of generic Modafinil available for purchase at ModafinilCat as well as other online shops like Afinil Express or DuckDose. These options are:

All four are legitimate generic Modafinil and Armodafinil products.

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Modafinil introduction and history

First approved in the United States in 1988 by the FDS, Modafinil was marketed under the brand name Provigil by Cephalon Inc, a US pharmaceutical manufacturer.

It was mainly prescribed for shift workers with sleep disorders or people dealing with narcolepsy.

Recently, however, people have rediscovered new uses for Modafinil. As a nootropic, or cognitive enhancement drug, it is used by people with high-powered jobs who need increased energy and concentration.

From athletes to CEOs to investment bankers, Modafinil gives you a competitive edge. It is also used by students looking to enhance their study performance and retention.

Generic Modafinil Options

In India, pharmaceutical manufacturers are not subject to the same laws on patent and copyright as in the US and elsewhere.

There are a number of India-based pharma companies that reverse-engineer major prescription pills and create generic versions for the Indian market, after proving that they are chemically identical to the original.

These generics are the same drug as the prescription option, but tend to be less expensive and sold under a different name.

There are two versions of Modafinil that were available at ModafinilCat and are now available at Afinil Express and DuckDose: Modalert and Modvigil.

What is Armodafinil?

When the original patent on Modafinil or Provigil was coming to an end, Cephalon created Armodafinil, a slightly varied version of the drug, which is marketed under the brand name of Nuvigil.

Two generic formulations of Armodafinil are available, Waklert and Artvigil.

Generics and Originals available

To sum up, Modafinil Cat provides both:

Modafinil: The US brand name for this drug is Provigil, made by Cephalon Inc. ModafinilCat sells the generics, Modalert, made by Sun Pharma, and Modvigil, made by HAB Pharma.

Armodafinil: The US brand name for this drug is Nuvigil, made by Cephalon Inc. ModafinilCat sells the generics, Waklert, made by Sun Pharma, and Artvigil, made by HAB Pharma.

What is the difference between Modafinil and Armodafinil?

Scientifically, the formulation of Modafinil includes two mirror images of the Modafinil molecule, the S-enantiomer and the R-enantiomer.

The Modafinil formula is 50 percent R-Modafinil and 50 percent S-Modafinil.

On the other hand, Armodafinil is the R-enantiomer only, which means it is “enantiopure,” containing only one enantiomer.

This is the more active half of the drug, which means that the effects are the same. However, Armodafinil is longer-lasting and more intense.

You can use a smaller dose of Armodafinil to get the same results as a larger dose of Modafinil, and studies have shown that Armodafinil lasts longer throughout the day.

In general, approximately 75mg of Armodafinil is similar to 100mg of Modafinil.

However, other factors may make a bigger difference for your personal preference or experiences, including whether you took it with or without food, how much sleep you had the previous night and the time of day you took the pill.

What are the differences between Modafinil by prescription and the generic, or between Provigil and Modalert?

There is no difference in chemical composition or effect between generic and prescription forms of Modafinil.

In order to be considered a true generic, a substance must be fully identical to the original medication. Therefore, Provigil and Modalert provide an identical experience.

The same is true of Armodafinil; Nuvigil provides the same experience, chemical composition and behavior as Waklert or Artvigil.

What are important things to keep in mind when trying Modafinil?

Modafinil is a drug for wakefulness, so it is good to take it early in the morning like coffee. This will prevent you from experiencing insomnia or an unpleasant inability to sleep at night.

Each person’s experience with the drug will be different; some people will feel a stronger awakening effect than others, while other users can take Modafinil later in the day and have no problem sleeping normally later.

When you’re first trying Modafinil, starting early in the morning will help you to set a good baseline.

A good standard dose to start with should be comparatively low, 100mg or less. Even if you’ve ordered 200mg pills, you can cut them easily in half and take only 100mg. You could even start with a smaller amount of 50mg, although 100mg will be a good choice for most people.

What type of Modafinil should I get?

The sample pack of all four types is a good choice, or you can choose Modalert, the most frequently-used choice.

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What is the legal status of Modafinil orders in my country?

The answer to this depends on where you are located. Before ordering, you should research the legality of the product and customs-related issues.

Does ModafinilCat work in my country?

You can purchase from ModafinilCat in a large number of countries, including the US, UK, Australia and many others. However, ModafinilCat does not ship to a number of countries due to customs restrictions, as outlined on their website. These countries include, among others, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and Taiwan. A full list is available at the website.

However, you can still order Modafinil. Mail forwarding services like Skypax or VykingShip can ensure that you receive your Modafinil order.

Since ModafinilCat has closed, there remain two great options online for quick and easy Modafinil purchases: AfinilExpress and Duck Dose. Once your order is coming, get ready to plan your days to accomplish all of your goals with your newfound energy and productivity.

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