Modafinil Side-Effects + How to Minimize Risks

modafinil smart drug

Modafinil is a wonderful smart drug that enhances your focus. It is by far my favourite nootropic because the focus-boosting effects are so positive.

Whenever I use modafinil, I experience laser-focus and can concentrate on my to-do list for hours at a time. That’s great for those days when I need to get as much work as possible done.

Life can get busy. Most people are constantly stressed because they have so much stuff to do. They just can’t keep up.

Modafinil isn’t a miracle drug that does work for you. You still need to sit down in the chair and put in the hours, but the work does become easier.

Distractions disappear and you develop tunnel-vision. Modafinil is a truly brilliant smart drug for boosting your productivity.

So where’s the downside? There has to be some problem with modafinil otherwise everyone would be using it.

Well, for reasons we won’t get into here, modafinil has a certain stigma associated with it. It isn’t legal to purchase without a prescription so you won’t find it at your local GNC.

But modafinil is considered safe by the FDA. It’s approved for treating certain sleep-related conditions and is widely used by doctors for that purpose.

While modafinil is safe, it can cause unwanted side-effects for some people. The same can be said for most drugs so don’t worry about this too much. Nonetheless, it’s important to be aware of these because if you experience them, you need to be cautious.

On this page you’ll find information on the side-effects of modafinil. While you read this, I want you to remember that these are rare.

modafinil side-effects

Unwanted Side-Effects

You know how there is always a long list of possible side-effects on the packages of medicine?

Modafinil is no different. The following side-effects are theoretically possible and you should look out for any signs of them while using modafinil.

  • Fever, vomiting, headache and sore throat with a severe, peeling, blistering and red skin rash.
  • Easy bruising or bleeding.
  • Bruising, numbness, severe tingling, muscle weakness and pain.
  • Hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior.
  • White patches or sores on your lips or inside your mouth.
  • Chest pain or uneven heart beats.
  • Depression, anxiety, and aggression.
  • Irregular heartbeat

Of course, I’m no doctor so don’t take my advice on any medical issues. While those side-effects are rare, you might have contraindications with other drugs your doctor has prescribed you.

Always talk to your doctor before taking any drug as strong as modafinil.

modafinil lab tested

Tips on Using Modafinil

I’ve never experienced any of those side-effects personally, but I do have some other tips for you. I wouldn’t call these “side-effects”, but if you use modafinil in the wrong way, it can have a negative effect.

Don’t Focus on Unproductive Tasks

Modafinil gives you tunnel-vision. It’s common to get completely absorbed in whatever you are doing.

That’s the effect you want, right? Well, you run the risk of getting absorbed in an activity that isn’t productive.

Let’s say you want to focus on studying. You take  modafinil and before starting your work, you quickly check your Twitter feed. That’s risky because you might end up going all the way down the rabbit hole.

Social media has the risk of pulling you in and not letting go. I suggest you avoid these types of websites like the plague when on modafinil.

Take Modafinil Early in the Morning

Modafinil risksLike I mentioned earlier, modafinil is used as a medical treatment for sleep-related illnesses.


Because it promotes wakefulness. In other words, you won’t be able to fall asleep while using modafinil.

It also has a fairly long half-life (around 15 hours) so the effects are noticeable for a long time.

If you take modafinil in the afternoon, you’ll struggle to fall asleep at night. That’s why it’s best to take it within 1-2 hours after getting up in the morning.

Drink Enough Water

I suggest you always have water nearby. You’ll get sucked into your work while using modafinil, so you risk getting dehydrated because you forgot to drink all day.

This is not healthy. I suspect that many people who notice headaches from using modafinil are actually just dehydrated.

It’s an easy trap to fall into. It’s happened to me before and I thought modafinil was causing my fatigue and headache.

Nope, you just need to always stay well-hydrated.

Don’t Forget to Eat!

Similarly, modafinil causes people to go long periods of time without any food.

Of course, that isn’t as worrying as a lack of water. You won’t suffer too badly if you go without food for 15 hours.

Nonetheless, it’s best to set periodic reminders in advance when you plan to eat.

Just set an alarm on your phone and when it rings, immediately go grab a quick bite.

You’ll be back to working in no time.

Final Thoughts on Modafinil Side-Effects

Modafinil comes with minimal side-effects for most people.

In fact, I don’t experience any real side-effects as long as I remember to drink plenty of water and eat food occasionally.

The lack of downsides combined with the benefits of modafinil i.e. increased focus, alertness and concentration, make it a popular smart drug. Modafinil users are a diverse group of people from all industries and backgrounds.

Modafinil – The 'Smart Drug' Leading The Charge Towards A Future Of NeuroenhancementFrom businessmen to students and even some astronauts (apparently), modafinil helps them all.

I can’t promise that it will drastically improve your life. Everyone’s response to modafinil is a little different.

Some of you will love it, but for others it doesn’t seem to do much.

I encourage you to at least give it a try. Modafinil has the potential to dramatically improve your career or grades and ultimately, your entire life.

If you order online, it isn’t too expensive. For a product that could make your life 10x easier, you can spend a little money, right?

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